Register’s objectives and content

The purpose of the Real Estate Brokerage Act is to ensure the protection of the public in the area of real estate brokerage. To this end, the Act requires among other things that anyone pursuing brokerage activities in Québec be qualified to do so and be the holder of a licence issued by the Organisme d'autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ).

To help members of the public make sure that they are dealing with someone who holds a brokerage licence delivered by the OACIQ, the Organization keeps a licence holder register available for public consultation and accessible via its website.

The OACIQ puts at your disposal in the Register of licence holders several tools to check the record of a real estate broker. You will be able to:

  • ensure that he/she holds a valid licence and check his or her identity;
  • consult the calendar of disciplinary hearings to see if an upcoming hearing is scheduled for the broker;
  • read the disciplinary hearing decisions posted on citoyens.soquij.qc.ca website, if necessary;
  • see if a broker’s licence has notably been suspended or revoked or if conditions or restrictions were imposed thereon, by reading the notices issued by the Discipline Committee or those issued by the Licence Issue and Maintenance Committee.

The Register also indicates:

  • The broker’s licence number and type;
  • The contact information of the establishment with which he is associated, the name of the agency and its executive officer, the company name or pseudonym, if any;
  • The broker's photo, which must be updated every 5 years;
  • The list of training activities completed in the current cycle of the Mandatory Continuing Education Program;
  • Whether the licence is suspended or subjected to conditions or restrictions.

A licence suspension means that the licence holder’s right to practice has been interrupted. Several reasons may warrant a suspension, including a voluntary suspension at the broker’s request, a cessation of activities, failure to complete a training course or to update information, or a decision by the OACIQ Discipline Committee or the Licence Issue and Maintenance Committee.

A licence revocation means that a holder’s licence is no longer valid. Several reasons may warrant a revocation, including a voluntary revocation at the broker’s request, failure to pay the annual licence maintenance fees on the specified date, failure to pay fines or other sums due to the OACIQ, or a decision by the OACIQ Discipline Committee or the Licence Issue and Maintenance Committee.

No brokerage transaction can be performed during the suspension period or if the licence is revoked. 

The Register of licence holders includes brokers who have a valid or suspended licence, or those who revoked their licence and maintained their right to practise but are not currently authorized to practise. The OACIQ Register of licence holders is updated on a daily basis.

You need help using the Register?

Don’t hesitate to contact the information centre Info OACIQ.

Licence history or certificate

Upon request, the Certificate Department can provide a licence history or certificate to obtain a written confirmation of certain information available or previously available in the Register.

The licence history confirms in writing and in chronological order all the events associated with a broker’s licence, including the licence effective date and the date of ceasing of a broker’s or agency’s activity. 

The licence certificate confirms in writing a broker’s licence status on a specific date.

You wish to file a request for licence history or certificate? Send the Request for licence history or certificate form, along with the applicable fees to the Certification Department.

Conditions for using the Register

The OACIQ Register of licence holders is governed by privacy provisions. Any use for purposes other than those mentioned above is prohibited. Among other things, any use of this register to compile lists of brokers and agencies is strictly prohibited, under penalty of barred access.

Repeated interrogation of the web-accessible register over a short period of time will be interpreted as an attempt to compile such a list and will immediately cause loss of access to the register. The individual barred from access will have to demonstrate to the OACIQ's satisfaction that the purpose of these interrogations is not incompatible with the purpose of the register and is in compliance with privacy regulations. The OACIQ reserves the right to decide whether or not to restore web access to the register.

Anyone accessing the register agrees to use it for the purpose for which it was created and accepts to abide by the above rules.

Last updated on: November 19, 2020
Numéro d'article: 200080