Exchanges between Web users and between Web users and those who manage the OACIQ social medias must be courteous and respectful.

The following will not be tolerated:

  • Personal attacks or insults;
  • Misleading, discriminatory or violent comments;
  • Writing in capital letters, which is the equivalent of shouting;
  • Comments to promote oneself or to discredit a business, product or political party;
  • Vulgar, obscene or malicious comments;
  • Off-topic comments.

Note that the author of the message is solely responsible for the content of that message.

Managers of the OACIQ social medias reserve the right to delete comments and posts, to banish users and to amend this netiquette policy without prior notice.

Where necessary, the OACIQ undertakes to answer questions within a reasonable time period during regular business hours.  The OACIQ reserves the right not to respond to any comments.

Last updated on: September 03, 2021
Numéro d'article: 208705