FAQ for training providers

If you have any questions, please contact Info OACIQ by email at info@oaciq.com, or by telephone at 450-462-9800 or 1-800-440-7170.

Why does the OACIQ need to analyze a training activity before accrediting it?

How long does it take to obtain the accreditation of a continuing education activity?

What can I do to make sure I get my accreditation on time?

What documents shall I include in my accreditation application?

Is there any other information on my training content that the OACIQ could ask me?

Can the OACIQ require changes to the training submitted so it can be accredited?

Does the number of CEUs awarded still correspond to the number of hours of a training activity?

How will I know if my accreditation application has been approved?

How long will my training accreditation be in effect?

Will participants who attend a training activity prior to this training accreditation be entitled to receive CEUs once the application is accepted?

What shall I provide for the description of my training activity that will be posted on the Professional Development Portal?

I want to make sure that my training topic is eligible. What are these topics?

What shall I do to ensure that my training meets the requirement of supporting the OACIQ’s mission, which is the protection of the public?

What shall I do to ensure that my training encourages ethical behaviours that are in line with the legal brokerage environment?

How shall I structure my training to ensure that it focuses on learning and has educational value?

The training activity must be in line with the OACIQ’s position-taking. What does this mean?

What form should take a training activity to have a clear and direct link with brokerage practice and professional development needs?

Why should the training title clearly reflect its content?

What are the features of an eligible self-study activity?

How will participants who attend training activities receive their CEUs? What role should I play as a provider?

Can the OACIQ attend my training activity or perform other types of quality control?

How can I renew my training accreditation?

During the training, can I promote other professional services I offer or promote a company or product?

I am a trainer who delivered trainings on behalf of a provider who had a training activity accredited. Can I deliver this training on my own account once my employment relationship with the provider is terminated?

Last updated on: May 30, 2023
Reference number: 206680